Sunday, May 19, 2013

Your Angel Of Death Is Malaysia

Today, ignorance prevails. A sort of willing ignorance sure, but ignorance all the same. I arrived in Malaysia with zero preconceived notions of the culture or people. As we walked through a food market, one of us accidentally kicked a bucket and one of the merchants yelled something at us and his buddies laughed. I calculated out loud that it was something to the effect of "Watch where you are going, you clumsy white people!", and we laughed out of confused embarrassment. We had a brief conversation about, if we were able, what would be yell back. What stereotypes did we hold about Malaysians? None. We were to ignorant to be ignorant. So we went to the local 7/11 (which are ubiquitous around these parts) and got a few brews and continued our march through the various and vast market scenes. Hoping to dispel a little ignorance with each step.

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