Friday, May 24, 2013

Hard job for a nice tea.

We had travel plans for today, but given the symbiosis of Jason and I's relationship, we ended up getting drunk and staying up too late. (by the way, I'm now Facebook friends with a 40 year old Taiwanese dude I met while drinking beer in front of a 7/11 at 5 in the morning.)
Jason's attempts at waking me failed repeatedly, and by the time I dragged my sorry self out of the sack, it was too late to do much adventuring. Jason stated something that many have claimed, but none had yet proven. He knew the perfect hangover cure. We arrived at a pool that had a concave enclosure with what looked like various shower heads, all blasting water out at concentrated high speeds. We waded in waist high water, ............fuck it. I feel it's pertinent at this juncture to inform anyone reading this,  that I have taken a six hour break in writing this post, and I'm drunk now. I feel like maybe I should start over and try and make this more cohesive, but I'm going to just go ahead and finish what I started, only in a different state of mind. Now I'm equal parts agitated and elated. I hung out with so many different types of people tonight. White/Asian/gay/straight/French/Israeli/men/women, and I loved it. And on the way home, I had a long conversation about the hatred and misconceptions and bad attitudes so many people hold. It infuriates me. And for some reason, outside of my norm, I can objectively perceive my faults, and how I perpetuate bullshit back into the world. But this blog is supposed to be about my travels, not my angst. So I will save the tangent that's hanging on my tongue. The doom and gloom and self-pity that has plagued me for the last half year, has dissipated. I hope it stays that way when I get back. If not......maybe I'll just move here.      

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