Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Drove it to Indiana with no gear oil......That was the end of that!

Well, the trips over. I'm sitting in a Tokyo airport, waiting for my flight to LA. I have very mixed feelings about coming home. I've traveled quite a bit in my life, and have often romanticized while out, about how I would like to move to the place I was traveling in. But in the end, I was always happy to come home. This time, I'm seriously considering moving abroad. maybe to Taiwan. Maybe somewhere else. (still trying to figure out getting my Dutch citizenship.)
I'm tired of the stagnant and placated feeling of being just ok with what I'm doing. Just getting by and haunting the same places and driving down the same roads countless times. I love Grand Rapids. I love so many people there. So I'm a little torn. It's definitely something I'm going to give a ton of thought.

Anyway, here are some things I learned about Taiwan.

Dogs are welcome almost anywhere. They even sit in chairs at the table with their owners at nice restaurants. People drive with them on their scooters.

Half the population drives scooters. Don't call them mopeds. Nobody knows that term.

Driving scooters there is a little insane. Only major intersections have traffic lights.  Any other intersection is a free for all. No signs at all.

99.9% of the women there have great legs. (Calm down P.C. Police! I'm not objectifying anyone. People can still be individuals that I don't threaten and have nice legs. It's just an observation)

It's easy to find awesome vegetarian food. Thanks Buddhists!

A lot of foreigners that hang out there are tools. All Jason's friends excluded.

Dentists are cheap.

Never place your chop sticks in your bowl when you finish your food. It's considered very bad luck, and will offend people. Lay them across the top of your bowl.

There is a built in system of doing favors for each other that is taken for granted called Guanxi. A "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" and everybody knows about it and everyone follows it. Check it out here.

It's beautiful and I really want to go back.

Thanks for reading, anybody who ended up reading any of this.

Maybe I'll start it back up on my next adventure.    

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